Exact Gold Rate In Nepal

Gold Price in Nepal that gives you the exact gold rate in Nepal. If you want to know the exact rate of gold in Nepal, then you are in the right place where you will obtain the exact and recent prices of gold in Nepal. This platform will provide you the information regarding the price of gold in Tola as well as Grams.

It is often complex in Nepal to track the up to date price of Gold. Still, the majority of Nepali people doesn’t know, ‘ How to find the recent price of Gold in Nepal ‘. As a result, they surf the internet for the recent gold price. But they won’t get the accurate result. What they achieve is an incorrect or insufficient result?

What is meant by incorrect or an insufficient result? People of Nepal want to know the gold price in Tola. But while surfing the internet they won’t confound the result in Tola. Either they get the result in an ounce or grams. What is the use of getting a result in an ounce? Because most of the trade happens in tola. Another problem of attaining an incorrect result is Exchange Rate.

Exchange Rate changes frequently. Thus, the majority of the website which is providing the result will not update their information accordingly resulting an incorrect data.

For this reason, the GoldpriceinNepal platform has been introduced in Nepal to impart the proper information regarding gold and silver prices. Besides gold and silver price, we will try to update much information regarding Nepal events and incidents.


  • If it is considered Tola then there will be 1 Tola else there will be 10gm.

The price of gold and silver in Nepal is given below.

Today Gold Price In Nepal

For the Fine gold price per tola and gram, you can check below to determine the price:

Type of GoldPrice of Gold in Nepal
Fine Gold 1 TolaRs. 61,000
Fine Gold 10 gmRs. 52,300

For the Tejabi gold, you can check below to find the price:

Type of GoldPrice of Gold In Nepal
Tejabi Gold Per 1 TolaRs. 60,700
Tejabi Gold Per 10 gmRs. 52,045

Silver Price In Nepal

To know more about silver price, check below:

Silver QuantitySilver Price
Silver 1 TolaRs. 765
Silver 10 gmRs. 656

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