Silver Price In Nepal

You are here for the most recent Silver price in Nepal. The GoldpriceinNepal doesn’t only gives you the rate of gold but also gives the price of silver in Nepal.

It’s kinda troublesome to obtain the updated price of silver and gold in Nepal. People tend to focus more on gold. But Silver has as much importance as Gold. The difference between both the silver and gold is its price, its way of formation, and its uses.

Gold is often used for making jewelry. 24-carat gold is too ductile to make as jewelry. It will bend while making jewelry. Thus, it must be alloyed or mixed with other metals to make it more durable. Other than making jewelry, gold can also be used as a material for filling cavities in teeth.

Silver is also used as jewelry. But more often, it is used to make mirrors. It is also used in solder and brazing alloys. In comparison to gold, silver is almost priceless. Let’s compare the gold and silver price.

Silver Rate In Nepal

Silver QuantitySilver Price
Silver 1 TolaRs. 765
Silver 10 gmRs. 656


Comparison between Gold and Silver

Type of GoldPrice of Gold in Nepal
Fine Gold 1 TolaRs. 61,000
Fine Gold 10 gmRs. 52,300

Here you can observe the prices.  1 Tola gold costs almost Rs.58800 while 1 Tola silver costs only Rs. 765. There is inevitably ups and downs in the price of gold and silver.

If you are trading gold, you must possess the capability to buy gold, while the price is falling. As a result, you will bring in more profit in your hand.

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