22 Carat Gold Price in Nepal Today: Here’s 22K Gold Price in Nepal

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22 Carat Gold Price in Nepal Today: Here’s 22K Gold Price in Nepal

22 Carat Gold is the second purest Gold in Nepal. The 22 Carat Gold Price in Nepal is cheaper than the 24 Carat Gold. 22K Cold contains only 91.3% pu

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22 Carat Gold is the second purest Gold in Nepal. The 22 Carat Gold Price in Nepal is cheaper than the 24 Carat Gold. 22K Cold contains only 91.3% pure Gold, only 22 parts out of the total 24. So, here’s the Price of 22 Carat Gold in Nepal.

22 Carat Gold Price in Nepal

The price of 22k gold in Nepal is cheaper by around 8.6% compared to pure 24k gold. So, based on these assumptions, we can easily find the Price of 22ct Gold. The Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Association only fixed the Price of Gold based on 24ct Gold (Hallmark and Tajabi).

Besides these, the other remaining units are measured based on standard calculations. So, as we have indicated, the Price of 22-carat gold in Nepal is cheaper by 8.6%. We can easily find the price of 22 Carat Gold per Tola.

Calculation of 22k Gold Price: If the price of 24k Gold is Rs 1,19,000, then you have to find out 91.3% of this total 1,19,000 to find out the price of 22k Gold per Tola. Here’s how,

Price of 1 Tola 22k Gold = Price of 24k Gold (Hallmark or Tajabi) x 91.3%

                                               = 1,19,000 x (91.3/100)

                                               = Rs 1,08,647 Per Tola.

So, based on this method, you can find the 22 22-carat gold Price in Nepal from the 24k Gold Price.

24 K Gold Price in Nepal Today

You can see Nepal’s Gold and Silver Prices for a specific date. We used to update the Price of Gold and Silver Daily by indicating the Ashesh Blog data.

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Gold Fineness (Express the Purity of Gold)

Fineness in Gold is the expression of the purity of that Gold. We know the chemical symbol of Gold is AU, where the specific gravity of Gold is 19.32. Besides, in Nepal, the Unit of Gold is measured in Grams, Pennyweight (DWT), and Ounces (Troy).

Where 1 Troy equals 31.10348 grams or 20 DWT (pennyweight), similarly, 1 DWT (Pennyweight) equals 1.555 grams or 0.05 troy ounces. 

Besides these, most jewelry practices are based on Carat/Karat. Like 10 Karat, 14 Karat, 18 Karat, 22 Karat and even 24 Karat too. Meanwhile, the temperature is maintained around 1945 ° F, slightly lower than the copper and iron. You can calculate the 22 Carat Gold Price in Nepal easily after getting this.

In Nepal, the purest form of Gold is 24 Karats, equal to roughly 99.99% purity. It means that all 24 Parts of the Gold are pure Gold without any traces or other metals, which means 99.9% pure.

Understanding the Carat/Karat in Gold in Nepal

Here, we have distinguished the purity of the Gold based on their percentage. Before you go, you need to keep in mind that each Carat/Karat of Gold indicates approximately 4.1625 percent. So, that the 24ktx4.1625= 99.9% purity of 24Kt Gold.

24kt: 24 Karat or Carat Gold is Nepal’s purest gold form without traces of other metals. The purity level of this Gold is 99.9%. It means that out of 24 parts, all the parts of this Gold are pure.

22kt: 22kt or Carat Gold means the 22 parts of the jewelry made with this Gold are pure. The remaining two parts of the Gold are made with other metal alloys. It means the purity level of this Gold is equal to 91.3%. The remaining 8.6% are made with another metal alloy.

18kt: 18kt or Carat Gold or Jewelry incidents The 18 parts of the Jewelry are Gold, with the remaining six parts being the composition of another metal alloy. Here, the purity percentage of Gold is just 75%, with the remaining 25% of some other metals.

10kt: 10kt or Carat Gold contains only the 41.6% pure Gold. The remaining percent of this Gold comprises other metals and alloys. So, jewelry made of this Gold is mostly harder than Gold.

Density Difference on Different Karats of Gold

Here we are for the Gold Price in Nepal Today. So, besides these, we have to be clear on other things before buying Gold in Nepal. For this, we must also be informed about the Density of Gold.

The density of Gold is higher than that of other metals made from alloys. It means the higher the purity of the Gold, the heavier the weight of gold jewelry will be. Because of this, the Necklace made of the same thickness will vary in weight if made in different carats of Gold.

Here, the Necklace made in 14kt will be light, and 22kt will be heavy because the Necklace made with 14kt contains only 58.3% Gold, whereas the Necklace made in 22kt contains 91.6% Gold.